Jumping into 2023…


We’d like to start this first blog of 2023 by wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. The 2020s have certainly been a strange mix with world events affecting us all but we had a fantastic 2022 and we’re celebrating past, present and future successes as we head into our 22nd year of business. 2022 drew to an exciting close following a win for our smartWork NoCode Media Integration Platform in the ‘Manage Category’ at IABM’s BaM Awards in London. Read more about this in our website.


We launched smartWork at NAB 2022, a new concept and true game changer in media management with a new paradigm and this year, in fact in the coming weeks, we look forward to announcing our first smartWork customers. We’ll be heading back to NAB again in April so if you haven’t yet seen smartWork in action and you’re planning a trip to Vegas, make sure you stop by our booth. We’ll be revealing more about our NAB participation soon so stay tuned to our social media platforms and blog for regular updates.


What will be the key themes for 2023? Looking ahead the trends for this year are a continuum from 2022 with cloud and remote technology further developing to enable media companies to become more agile and resilient. The discussion around supply chains is also likely to continue. In October last year, our CTO Julian Fernandez-Campon took part in an IBC365 webinar discussing this topic, which you can watch here. Hybrid cloud will continue to be a strong focus in this area. To respond to a variety of content supply chain requirements we believe that technology should be deployed similarly in both the cloud and on prems. M&E companies must have supply chains in place that allow business continuity and can easily be adapted to suit future requirements, which are highly efficient, flexible, scalable, resilient and secure.


This is enabled by the creation of business-ready applications and solutions, which will continue to expand, allowing media companies to design and adapt new media services on-demand. This is achieved using Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs), which are software and service components that represent a well-defined business capability and are functionally recognizable as such by a business user. In 2023, Tedial is making a step forward by heading the composable enterprise offering, which allows these predefined PCBs to easily be deployed and configured to implement an efficient content supply chain. This is key as it allows business users to build their own operation with low risk and quick time to market.

Consideration of the distributed networking nature of media supply chains is key for M&E companies moving forward, as is the inclusion of partners such as content producers, media companies and delivery platforms. If this is achieved correctly then this composable enterprise offering that moves content in an interconnected efficient and agile way can be created.  Using a NoCode media integration platform like smartWork, companies can create an agile and flexible technology infrastructure that takes full advantage of reusable modules and services, which are the foundation.

In order to facilitate easy access to our new technology, we plan to improve and expand our training portfolio and partner network. We’ll be revealing more info soon, so stay tuned to our social media platforms and blog.


Sustainability is also a topic that we all need to consider carefully. A recent article on TV Technology’s website – Minimizing the Environmental Impact of Broadcast and Streaming Technology – says, “It is anticipated that cloud-based technology will contribute towards improving sustainability and limit the environmental impact of live broadcasts in particular: several sports broadcasters including BBC Sport, BT Sport, Sky Sports, Premier League Productions, IMG, Super Sport, and NBC Universal, in collaboration with the studios and industry consortium Albert, are experimenting with multi-provider cloud technologies to create a more environmentally responsible production chain.” At Tedial we believe that the media industry, like all other industries, has a responsibility to ensure that the carbon footprint of technology is reduced.


We’re committed to reducing our own impact by 50 percent by 2030 with:

  • 40 percent telework approved for all the staff as the new normal
  • Teleconference meetings always when possible
  • 50 percent reduction of paper consumption
  • Reduction of business trips.


Tedial also contributes to carbon footprint reduction by providing its customers with scalable and future-proof tools such as smartWork, which enables increased automation processes, reuse of existing modules and services and facilitates remote working.

We’re excited about 2023, we have lots of exciting news and announcements and we look forward to seeing you soon at virtual meetings and shows. Here’s to a very Happy New Year.

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