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Are you fully recovered from the annual NAB broadcast trade show extravaganza? Tedial had an amazingly successful show and we’re delighted with the new home of our booth (SU1924) in the South Upper hall. We know you found us because we not only saw lots of colleagues throughout the event, we made lots of new friends too. The first two days were particularly busy with huge numbers of new visitors, so if you popped by the booth you’ll be sure to hear from us very soon.

As expected, one of our main attractions was SMARTLIVE, our sports production software, which is now shipping. The SMARTLIVE demo was a big hit with broadcasters and content owners from all over the world who were impressed with its automated AI technology. Tailored for sports and live events SMARTLIVE uses AI tools to maximize its unique metadata engine to automate media management tasks from remote logging and clip creation, to distribution. As highlighted during the booth demo, some of the features and functionalities that are specifically important for the sports community are the solution’s ability to automate speech-to-text from the commentary track to enrich the event logs of live games, and video analysis to recognize faces and jerseys. SMARTLIVE’s capabilities show our industry leadership in automated metadata tagging.

Although the total number of NAB 2019 visitors was reported as being slightly down from last year’s figures, there was still a buzz around the show. The industry is changing very quickly and it’s difficult to predict how broadcast technology will evolve even in the short term but we are seeing value placed on enterprise solutions. Building on media preparation, linear playout and orchestration MAM tools, enterprise solutions add the ability to limitlessly scale throughput, manage millions of assets, workflows and users and support unique, geographically dispersed operations. Tedial demonstrated our enterprise expertise with our award-winning Version Factory, the world’s only single workflow that automates thousands of OTT and VOD versioning tasks.

As well as SMARTLIVE and Version Factory, we showcased our enhanced feature-set for HYPER-IMF, the world’s only certified end-to-end IMF workflow (the best option for your media asset management), and improvements to the Evolution aSTORM, our hybrid content management solution. aSTORM manages attached storage by nodes both vertically and horizontally across locations including in cloud infrastructure and provides increased security and functionality for distributed task management.

If you didn’t make it to Vegas this year and you would like more information about Tedial’s solutions, contact us for a demo.


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