Main Challenges for Sports Broadcasters in 2022
Main Challenges for Sports Broadcasters in 2022


Follow the link to the SVG Europe website and read our Gold Sponsorship article. The sports market is hugely important to Tedial and SVG Europe’s platform is key in enabling us to reach customers via editorial coverage, as well as live and virtual events.

Find out what our CTO, Julian Fernandez-Campon feels the main challenges will be for sports broadcasters in 2022, and how these challenges can be overcome by replacing traditional monolithic MAM systems, which have complex point-to-point integration, with a platform that integrates all the components and complexity of the workflows, using all the APIs and additional methods required, to read older systems. 

He explains how this delivers a new era in media management, with a new paradigm; the Media Integration Platform or No-Code iPaaS for media. This new approach sees all the applications integrated within the platform.



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