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UHD and beyond Tedial on maximising the content opportunity in 2022


Click the following link to the SVG Europe website and read our new article – “UHD and beyond: Tedial on maximising the content opportunity in 2022”, written by Tedial CTO, Julian Fernandez-Campon.

Discover how sports broadcasters can maximise UHD using an efficient content supply chain, which is capable of producing and delivering UHD content. And, find out how, utilising software designed workflows, applications can interoperate with any other, as long as they follow a set of interoperability rules and security policies, either natively or with adapters.

This article highlights how sports broadcasters can be self-sufficient so that they can evolve their own workflows without involving the vendor, enabling them to easily deliver content to different locations.

All this can be achieved with a new paradigm in media management; the media integration platform or no-code iPaaS for media.

Read the full article to find out more.



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