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In the latest themed week about the Media Supply Chain, IBC 365 reporter David Davies discusses – Microservices: The Future of Video Workflows. He explains, ”The ability of microservices to deliver core production requirements as well as very specific customisations means they are set to achieve greater traction as cloud migration continues. Providing the opportunity to trade ‘waterfall’-style workflows for a more agile, individual service-based approach, microservices is a concept whose time has now arrived in broadcast”

As part of the article David interviewed our CTO Julian Fernández-Campón to find out his views about microservices and their role in the future of video workflows.

“If you think about transport you can compare the old, monolithic system to having a big lorry that is able to transport a lot of things in one journey”. By contrast, “microservices is like a series of compact vans carrying smaller amounts, offering more flexibility. You don’t need the capacity of a large lorry that’s there regardless of what you have to transport; instead, you only use what you need” 

Read the article here to learn more.


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