Tedial Celebrates 20th Anniversary
Tedial 20th Anniversary


“Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future” John F. Kennedy

Today (9th February 2021) is a very special day for Tedial as 20 years ago the company first opened its doors. During this time, there have been many projects and successes that have led Tedial to become a MAM technological leader in the broadcast sector worldwide.

Now our brand is recognized and valued in all corners of the globe by first-rate clients, and that has a lot to do with our amazing team.

Tedial evolved from analysis of the technological change that was taking place in the second half of the 90s in the media and entertainment (M&E) market when television was transitioning from analogue to digital technology. There were many companies with similar initiatives that emerged around the same time but very few that have survived.

We started the Tedial adventure by developing a MAM system to manage assets where each asset was a file, its proxy and a storyboard. Everything else that you know about the company has come very quickly. We have had to advance at a fast pace to keep up with the continuous quick roll-out of new technology. The collateral effects of these changes have been multiple, affecting the development of products, projects and the support of the solutions deployed. The rewarding part has been the ability to respond quickly to requests for projects with multiple clients and the recognitions received, including three “IABM Game Changers” and several “Best of Show” awards.

A technology-based company has to constantly innovate if it wants to stay in the M&E market. That innovation must be oriented towards the development of products and solutions that improve the “business agility” of M&E companies: competitiveness, interoperability, adaptability and improvement of the customer experience.

There are many people who have contributed and / or contribute to make Tedial a leading international company in the M&E market. The best asset that Tedial has, is our customers and employees, who contribute their knowledge to continue being a reference in MAM technology. And we thank them all.

I’ve always been convinced that change is the law of life, it’s the basis for the progress of society. The last twenty years have been exciting. We have been fortunate to live and be relevant players in the digital transformation of the M&E industry. Much work remains to be done, including hybrid cloud and remote production.  I am confident in Tedial’s Team to continue contributing to the company’s efforts to advance in the new challenges that lie ahead.

Emilio L. Zapata, CEO & Founder


Here we’re delighted to publish some messages from long-standing Tedial colleagues.

Sergio Castañeda: “Some time ago someone at Tedial told me that the only constant in life is change. And that is what this time in the company has been, a constant evolution. We’ve changed technologies and we’ve changed products but what has always helped to enable all the changes to be carried out without too many complications has been my travel companions. All the people who have worked at Tedial past, present and future, are those who have created the successful changes that have brought us to this day. I’m looking forward to 20 more years of changes that lead us to continue to provide even better products and solutions.”

Julián Fernández-Campón: “For me, working at Tedial has always been a challenge, in a good sense of the word. Like every company there are always highs and lows, but thanks to everyone’s work and the professional and human quality of the team we always get ahead. If I look back and see where we were 20 years ago, in an open-plan rented office that looked like an industrial warehouse and few clients, to where we are now with world renowned clients like Sony, BT, RTVE and Televisa, to name but a few., I don’t think that any of us who were there at the beginning could imagine it. We’re excited to continue like this, we still have another 20 years of innovation and success ahead of us!”

Nuria Gálvez: “Working at Tedial for so many years has meant for me: learning, effort, responsibility, evolution … and the pride of being part of this great team! Also, I can still boast of enjoying my work. Teamwork divides the work and multiplies the results. Happy anniversary, we are going for another 20 years full of success !!! “

Mari Carmen López: “For me, Tedial represents a constant opportunity for professionalism and above all personal learning. Over the years, working  in practically all departments of the company has provided me with a broad vision of the business and has been a very enriching experience. It’s truly admirable how a small business with few resources can successfully challenge established companies globally. The key lies in the great professional and personal team of Tedial, who are always motivated to develop innovative solutions for the industry “

Paqui Muñoz: “Being part of the birth and evolution of a company that is turning 20 is a privilege and pride for me. Over the years I have learned from the difficult times and enjoyed the good ones. All have helped me grow professionally. The conviction that there is much to learn and enjoy is the main reason to continue being part of Tedial. It’s not individuals that make successful companies, but teams. Let’s continue being part of the Tedial team for many more years and let’s continue reaping success! “

Patricia Rodríguez: “After 20 years in the company, since I was part of Andalucía Digital Multimedia S.A,  I feel that time has passed too quickly. With this family I grew personally and professionally. They were participants in personal moments of my youth and maturity. The roadmap of all the innovative products that we are developing on the service-based model gives us great hope for the years to come. ‘When the rate of change is faster than that of learning, the organism fails. And when the rate of learning is as fast as (or faster than) that of change, the organism is likely to adapt, to survive and even to grow.’ (Revans, 1984)

Jose Antonio Tirado: “If there is any word that defines what Tedial has meant for me, it’s  change. I came to Tedial looking for a change and I found it, and since then I’ve never been bored again. Tedial is a continuously changing not only for those of us who work for the company but for the industry as a whole. Our products change the way our clients work and I like to think that we help to organize and facilitate their day, and therefore improve it, and even if only a little, their life. In the future we will change again. Evolution or extinction, it’s a universal law. New technologies, new ways of selling, new customers, new markets, new people … Tedial evolves and changes with everyone and I sincerely believe that it’s fascinating to be part of that change.”


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