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Tedial to Demonstrate Expanded MAM Platform at NAB 2020 with New Tools to Enhance Sports and Live Production, Improve Storytelling, Streamline Workflows and Optimize Cloud Architecture

MAM specialist adds functionality to SMARTLIVE, HYPER IMF and offers a proven HYBRID-CLOUD solution

Malaga, Spain – February 18, 2020 – Tedial, the leading independent MAM technology solutions specialist, has announced plans to launch a complement of significant enhancements to the Company’s award-winning MAM platform at NAB. Tedial’s cutting-edge, award-winning SMARTLIVE sports and live events solution has integrated new cloud-based technology for a better viewing experience. HYPER IMF continues to lead the industry with unique features and can now be deployed in numerous configurations, and the Company has deployed and supports a field proven HYBRID-CLOUD architectural model. Tedial will be in the South Upper Hall, Booth SU5921.

SMARTLIVE – New Tools Result in Better Storytelling, Action Replays

Fan engagement is sure to increase for broadcasters when they can deliver better, more vivid graphics resulting from the new integration between SMARTLIVE and Singular’s cloud-based technology for live graphic overlays. Graphics can be inserted into the SMARTLIVE auto-generated EDL, reviewed in the player and then burned in when the EDL is flattened. This major development  gives broadcasters the capability to enhance storytelling by layering graphics on top of highlights.

In addition, SMARTLIVE can now create sophisticated transitions between EDL segments, such as fade in/fade out, mix and wipes, adding a dynamic element to your highlights.

At NAB SMARTLIVE will be shown with AI Cloud technology that detects replay in LIVE feeds allowing SMARTLIVE to automatically complete a story, action or highlight with action replays.

Tedial HYPER IMF – MAM for real end-to-end IMF can be deployed anywhere

IMF allows broadcasters and content producers to streamline media processing and delivery  procedures through componentized media management,  eliminating the need to replicate media for each new version, thus optimizing storage and reducing expenses.  Continuing their participation in the IMF User Group, Tedial’s HYPER IMF maintains its position as the singular end-to-end IMF workflow adding value to each customer’s workflow with unique and new features including Component-based assets with Multi-resolution MPEG-Dash Streaming and End-to-End IMF Workflows with 3rd Party Systems Integrations. At NAB 2020 the Company will demonstrate the efficient and cost-effective solution’s flexible and field proven architecture by showing attendees a variety of deployment options including on local premises, in a public or private Cloud with native S3 management, or in a Hybrid Cloud where all the heavy media manipulation can be done on premises and the distribution and activities that require external access can be done in the Cloud.

Tedial Hyper IMF Markup tool

HYPER IMF goes beyond all other tools with an implementation of Business Rules outside the IMF scope for each customer need, such as Late Binding for IMP Watermarking, employing a title centric view to manage all the myriad of versions, the ability to automatically build packages related to a specific title (UHD, HD, HDR, etc.) or manage the delivery package versions (Supplemental / Complete) based on contractual business retention rules. When used in conjunction with Tedial’s award-winning Version Factory  the world’s only single workflow that automates thousands of OTT and VOD versioning tasks, Tedial can easily support existing and new platforms, delivering content in the correct format with audio tracks and subtitles in the correct language, as well as any additional components required (artwork/trailers etc.) performing all the required transformations with a real and effective implementation on the OPL.

HYBRID-CLOUD – Architecture combines best of both worlds

Tedial will highlight a HYBRID-CLOUD solution architecture based on their innovative aSTORM storage management solution, leveraging a mixed computing storage and services environment that combines the privacy and security of a private Cloud with the scalability of a public Cloud and enhances the orchestration among the various platforms and multiple sites. A HYBRID-CLOUD architecture offers broadcasters the ability to meet business objectives quickly while maintaining full control of media archives and costs and ensuring a low-risk transition into the cloud by moving the operation in-line with the business needs. Sensitive data and valuable content can be secured on-premises under company control in a safe IT environment with multiple security layers. Other benefits include lower CAPEX because the upfront investment is based on nominal usage, higher scalability permitting smooth adaptation to peak demand periods and lower costs, agility to quickly adapt to new business requirements, increased operations flexibility, and improved quality via optimized bandwidth and lower latency.

Tedial aSTORM hybrid cloud

In addition to the HYBRID -CLOUD model, Tedial’s Evolution is deployed on the Public Cloud (Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure), on Private Cloud infrastructure and on-premise physical or virtualized systems.

“Tedial continues its leadership role in MAM technology by consistently anticipating and addressing the challenges our customers encounter to compete for viewer’s attention and succeed in our rapidly evolving industry,” commented Emilio L. Zapata, Tedial CEO. “At NAB we are demonstrating our MAM platform with enhancements that will significantly improve the entertainment experience for increased fan engagement, streamline IMF processes for improved efficiency, and we’ll offer storage and production options to drive down costs and improve quality and flexibility.”  

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