Orchestrating continuity in Production


Tedial and Artec have partnered to launch a new version of Continuity, the cutting-edge tool that manages the entire production process from recording to post production. The new edition integrates Tedial Evolution BPM Orchestrator with Continuity software for a solution that reduces time and resources, minimizes errors and increases the global quality of the production.

Tedial Evolution BPM Orchestrator has been specifically designed to orchestrate media operations, automating and optimizing production process.

A unique tool in the market, Continuity was developed to optimize the production of long-form programs including telenovelas, series, films and reality shows. The solution links processes, such as wardrobe, lighting and scene continuity, to increase efficiency and promote creative freedom.

Continuity provides editors and directors with a high-level overview of the entire process and the capability to access all detailed information about resources, status and dispatch tasks, and of course direct access to the media at any time. The solution also helps the cast and crew by providing them with direct access to scripts, previous scenes, and files on the right device and system. Video operators dispatching tasks can be easily reached, and quality control staff have the ability to run reports directly from the application.

The result is a 100% efficient production that guarantees high-quality content with minimal cost.

Tedial and Artec presented the new version of Continuity during Telemundo in Mexico DF.

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