Need to increase field production efficiency? Automatically import any camera card into a MAM workflow!
Universal Camera Importer


Universal Camera Importer for Evolution MAM

At IBC 2018, we’re introducing our Evolution Universal Camera Importer (UCI) tool on stand 8.B41, a new module that’s available as part of our multi award-winning Evolution MAM (media asset management) system.

What is the Evolution UCI and how does it benefit broadcasters and content owners? The Evolution UCI automatically allows operators to quickly import different types of camera card media, with a single drag-n-drop action! The footage is automatically archived in the MAM and quickly organised in an efficient and optimal way, regardless of the camera model. The operator simply drops any file into a folder and the content is automatically organised in the MAM, including file structure relationships, metadata and additional information resulting in the presentation of a frame accurate proxy to the user. Employing world class BPM orchestration, the MAM can automate your business logic, passing the media to users for specialized tasks, or sending collections to editing systems.

The Evolution UCI enables operators to browse and navigate the original camera card content in low res, saving bandwidth and resource cycle time. Until now, different instructions, media maps and metadata for each and every camera card presented a daunting challenge.  The MAM had to understand those myriad instructions, and map and extract all the shots, which required a lot of human interaction. Let’s say that you’ve recorded a movie or a TV series. Within that content you have blocks, scenes and shots, often with the same scenes/shots recorded many times. When you import all of that information into the MAM, all of those relationships in terms of their order and folder structure have to be organised so that when an operator looks at the content to check what needs to be done in post, everything is organised correctly, with access to the proxy. Our Evolution UCI automatically drives this organization according to your business logic.

Once the program is complete, the broadcaster or studio will consider their content lifecycle, and they will have both the finished content and the original camera files. The Evolution UCI can provide two workflows: the first a clip based approach where all the clips are ingested and archived, and the second an ingest and archive of the camera card media exactly as it was recorded so that the broadcaster or studio can access additional information such as internal metadata, EDLs or other factors, and export the camera media in exactly the format it arrived.

Sign up for a demo at the show and see how the Evolution UCI can work for you!


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