SVG Sports Content Management Virtual Series: AI and Machine Learning
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Featuring Tedial’s VP Products, Jerome Wauthoz – Watch it when you want

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The SVG Sports Content Management Virtual Series is now available “ON-DEMAND”.  The exciting four-day event in late July tackled timely topics such as MAM, Storage, AI, and Cloud, and captured all the exciting elements of in-person presentations including keynotes, panels, presentations and video-based networking events.

Jerome Wauthoz, our own VP Products, joined other industry experts from MLB Network, FOX Sports and The Weather Company on a panel that explored new ways to capitalize on the advances of AI and machine-learning engines. The session featured lively discussions and first-hand perspectives regarding these latest technologies that are driving the evolution of sports broadcasting as it presented a deep dive into the process of automating metadata capture, facial / visual recognition, and speech-to-text for closed captioning.

The experts also explained how sports-content creators are exploring new ways to capitalize on AI and machine-learning and how they can be used to automate highlights creation and media management workflows. Lastly, the panel assessed the current status of the technology, how these tools can play a role in your content ecosystem, the workflow advantages they provide, financial considerations, and the obstacles you may face.

A Not to Be Missed Event! But….if you missed it the first time, click here for more information or to register: AI and Machine Learning


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