Point-to-Point vs iPaaS Integrations

By Julián Fernández-Campón, CTO Tedial Since 2019, MovieLabs has been developing a conceptual framework for the digital transformation of content creation. The model is organized around principles and ontologies that serve as a guide for everyone, including software companies, content producers, and distributors. MovieLabs* recently published an insightful paper titled “Interoperability in Media Creation: Enabling […]

Looking for a sophisticated, future-proof Video Player?

Tedial video Player for media orchestration

Are you looking for a sophisticated, future-proof Video Player to secure your investment? Then look no further, you’ve found your answer with Tedial Player! Can your Video Player for Media Orchestration do all this?… Format agnostic: supports standard SD, HD and UHD as well as V360, AR and VR formats Natively designed to support remote […]