Looking for a sophisticated, future-proof Video Player?
Tedial video Player for media orchestration


Are you looking for a sophisticated, future-proof Video Player to secure your investment? Then look no further, you’ve found your answer with Tedial Player!

Can your Video Player for Media Orchestration do all this?…

  • Format agnostic: supports standard SD, HD and UHD as well as V360, AR and VR formats
  • Natively designed to support remote operations
  • Manage closed files as well as live streaming
  • Component-based V360 MPEG-DASH streaming service
  • Adaptive bitrates on user available bandwidth
  • Audio track selection and multiple languages
  • Seamlessly manage your multi-language operations
  • Audio VU meter and audio waveforms per track
  • Auto-detection of format
  • No extra plug-ins

Tedial Player can do all this and more!

Check out this video below and discover why Tedial Player should be part of your media orchestration set of tools.



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