Tedial adds new certification with the Spanish National Security Framework (ENS) and strengthens its security commitment


Highlighting Tedial’s ongoing, strong commitment to data security, the company has added a new certification with the Spanish National Security Framework (ENS), as recognition and evidence of the conformity of Tedial’s management system with the Royal Decree 3/2010 of January 8.

The ENS is a Spanish National Security standard that enables organizations to comply with the Spanish Government security rules.  The standard allows companies to benefit from a system managed and controlled with measures/controls that ensure that information systems are properly protected against internal and external threats and incidents.

The ENS creates the necessary conditions of trust in the use of electronic media through a series of measures that guarantee the security of the systems, data, communications and electronic services, allowing the exercise of rights and the fulfilment of duties via this media.

The ISO 27001 and the National Security Framework (ENS) certifications are the perfect combination for better data protection and information security management, always focusing on continuous improvement, considering its risks and impact on the organization, all of which is in accordance and compliance with GDPR.

Tedial takes its responsibility to maintain the security of its information systems and to protect the data entrusted to it very seriously.

Proof of our commitment to the security of our customers, Tedial counts on the most important certifications, which can be viewed on the Tedial Security Roadmap:



For more info about Tedial security policy, click here.


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