Tedial and Avid Interplay, the perfect production team!


Tedial first integrated with Avid Interplay | Production about ten years ago, and during that time we’ve continued to provide updates that enable a sophisticated production environment allowing editorial teams to focus purely on creative tasks.

Historically, production workflows that existed between Avid Interplay and MAM systems were somewhat complicated.  Over time the tight integration between  Interplay and Tedial’s Evolution MAM and more recently with SMARTLIVE, automated live sports production tool, has enabled these workflows to be simplified.

Tedial’s Evolution MAM and Interplay integration provide operators with a number of benefits. These include:  

  • Send full clips to Interplay
  • Send EDLs creating Avid shot list
  • Send live content to Interplay
  • Send audio to Interplay
  • Multi-folder push/pull
  • Automatically import Interplay clips into the Evolution MAM (monitoring an Interplay folder) for new or updated assets in production
  • Integration with Avid catalogue (to ingest new clips, update existing clips, automatically publish them, deliver in the selected Avid catalogue, etc.)
  • Metadata integration including timeline markers
  • Export the event logs to Avid processed by the Metadata Engine from different sources: Live Logging System or External Providers: OPTA, Stats, Gumbo, etc.
  • Search content in Interplay
  • Media Central web plugin (drag and drop contents)
  • Edit upon ingest; AVID users can start editing as soon as the media is available in Interplay
  • Automatic highlights creation without media replication for live ingest.

A complete Production Workflow

Together, Tedial Evolution MAM and Avid Interplay | Production deliver a complete media management and production system, which includes a full production-cycle workflow. This consists of Tedial Evolution MAM ingesting an original master, editing the master in the Avid production environment and utilizing Tedial’s Version Factory to prepare the material and send to clients in the format required.

This sophisticated production eco-system also enables simple editing of publishable content from the newsroom computer system (NRCS). This is achieved via integration between Tedial Evolution MAM, the Avid system and the NRCS (iNews, ENPS). The format and destination including web and social media for each received clip is prepared and sent using Tedial’s Version Factory and Delivery solution.

For live event production, the production team maximizes integration between SMARTLIVE and Interplay to greatly accelerate the workflow by referencing the existing media in Interplay and sending only the segments that are needed to create the highlights. It also enables the publication of pre-published or post-published content automatically on social media platforms, as configured.

Additionally, SMARTLIVE drastically reduces the time needed to create summaries or highlights both for live or archived content by working in low res, processing all the metadata coming from the different logging sources and automatically creating an EDL that is pushed to AVID Interplay as a sequence with all the clips/segments for a specific event, player, etc.

We could cite many more examples of workflows that are optimized as a result of the technology integration between Tedial and Avid platforms, but the advantages and possibilities in linear and non-linear audio-visual production, whether covering live events or pure news programs, are evident. As the production environment continues to develop, we’ll continue to provide sophisticated tools that assist editorial teams with managing and distributing content quickly and efficiently to any platform, on any screen, in any format.

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