Tedial Brings Broadcasters Measurable Financial Advantages with AI Powered SMARTLIVE and Operational Efficiency with Feature-Rich HYPER IMF End-to-End Workflow and Proven Version Factory


At NAB the company is demonstrating the world’s most comprehensive  automated sports and live events workflow, the world’s only certified end-to-end IMF workflow, unique and optimized Version Factory, and cost-savings aSTORM hybrid content management solution.

Las Vegas, NV – April 8, 2019 – Tedial, the leading independent MAM technology solutions specialist, is showing a line up at NAB that provides measurable financial advantages and operational efficiencies. The company is showcasing SMARTLIVE, its cutting edge AI powered automated live sports solution; HYPER IMF MAM, the world’s only  certified end-to-end IMF workflow, with an enhanced feature-set; an upgraded version of its globally embraced Version Factory automated single workflow for multiple platform delivery; and upgrades to the Evolution aSTORM hybrid content management solution. Demonstrations will be held in South Upper Hall on Booth SU 1924.

SMARTLIVE – AI powered automated live sports production software

Powered by AI, SMARTLIVE is the world’s most comprehensive  workflow solution tailored for sports and live events. The solution leverages its unique metadata engine to automate highlight creation and distribution – including tight integration with digital platforms and social media. SMARTLIVE, our sports production software, is now shipping.

SMARTLIVE’s capabilities allow it to: automate the event metadata ingest process; automatically provision a production environment for the production team; manage multi-venue feeds; and automatically generate personalized content of one or multiple games, or even an entire season of highlights; and feed campaigns to social media platforms.

SMARTLIVE provides measurable financial advantages by enabling the same production team to create more content resulting in increased fan engagement and additional revenue. It also permits quicker access to content allowing a shift to more affordable digital models.

“SMARTLIVE is a revolutionary solution that will change the way sports broadcasters operate on a production and a financial level,” says Esther Mesas, CSO/CMO Tedial. “We are not only happy to be demonstrating SMARTLIVE at NAB 2019, but also announcing that it is shipping. Order your system at the show! Our other big convention news is that all systems in our Evolution MAM platform are being shown with additional features and upgrades that bring significant efficiencies to content owners.”

SMARTLIVE: The sports production software
SMARTLIVE: The sports production software


Tedial HYPER IMF MAM New features guarantee operational efficiencies

Tedial’s HYPER IMF, the world’s only certified end-to-end IMF workflow (and the best solution for your media asset management), is at NAB with an enhanced feature- set that includes support for 2018 SMPTE IMF standards, including Apple ProRes wrapped in MXF. Business Cases that apply to IMF processes have been incorporated so content can be efficiently managed and MAM-workflow orchestrations can be easily supported, such as attaching late deliveries of forensic watermarked components to previously distributed media, detecting and managing duplicates, and waiting for master assets to arrive. Assembly of completely new IMF packages is accomplished using low-resolution proxies and a Web-based GUI. Powerful dashboards have been added for real-time monitoring of operations and system wide capacity monitoring. HYPER IMF has a proven agnostic infrastructure; it can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid infrastructures.

Tedial Version Factory 2019

Tedial’s award-winning Version Factory, the world’s only single workflow that automates thousands of OTT and VOD versioning tasks, is back at NAB as Version Factory 2019. The new version features upgrades that include: managing ‘on-the-fly’ assembly of unique versions, including pre, post and mid-roll insertions; matching contractual distribution requirements for timely deliveries; enabling IMF-compliant low-resolution proxy edits on media and templates so seasons of episodes can be managed with a single configuration.

Users that deploy the Version Factory and HYPER IMF will benefit from support for existing and new platforms, delivery of content in the correct format with audio tracks and subtitles in the correct language, as well as any additional components required (artwork/trailers etc.).

Evolution aSTORM conquers hybrid content management

Evolution aSTORM, Tedial’s scalable, reliable, future-proof and cost-effective content management solution has been upgraded with numerous cost-saving features. aSTORM changes the storage paradigm from the traditional HSM approach to a true multi-tier, multi-site object-based storage environment. It transparently manages various storage tiers across departments and continents! New features at NAB, include: Optimizing transfers between sites for reduced transfer costs; and improved tape migration workflows between technologies for increased resource efficiency resulting in lower migration costs. aSTORM also now supports Oracle cloud storage.




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