Tedial Expands Evolution aSTORM’s Supported Systems Portfolio
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At Tedial we’re continuing to add new storage solutions to our Evolution aSTORM content management solution.  aSTORM’s portfolio of supported systems now includes Microsoft Azure Blob storage and Amazon Web Services S3 Glacier Deep Archive. By adding these two systems, aSTORM enables Tedial’s customers to have more options when planning deployment into a Full Cloud or Hybrid Cloud environment.

Azure Blobs optimizes the price and performance in MS Azure as Tedial’s Evolution MAM will natively use Azure Blobs storage. This workflow is more efficient as the applications directly access content without the requirement for moving into a block storage, which is more expensive and is used for other purposes. By adopting Azure Blobs media companies will significantly reduce their costs. This is key, it follows the ‘bring the applications to the media’ principle instead of ‘bring the media to the applications. This is particularly important for UHD content where file sizes are blob astorm tedialEvolution aSTORM also includes AWS S3 Glacier Deep Archive in its portfolio of integrated storage systems. This offering harmonizes AWS integration options and provides a new, cost-effective solution to allow customers to choose between different storage policies depending on their business needs with the AWS S3 Deep Archive. aSTORM will automatically manage the content lifecycle moving into the low-cost tier as long as the content is not required, according to the retention policies defined by the customer. It will also automatically bring content from low-cost storage when requested using the policy specified by the customer.

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These two new options further accelerate transition into a Cloud Native or Hybrid Cloud operation, as the more options customers have, the better they can plan.

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