Tedial Unveils New Sophisticated SMARTLIVE AI Sports Production Tools and Expands End-to-End HYPER IMF Platform at IBC 2018
SMARTLIVE Autologging


SMARTLIVE at IBC Stand: 8.B41 

Company will demonstrate SMARTLIVE’s sophisticated speech-to-text technology and new auto- logging tool for live sports and event production and will showcase new HYPER IMF tools and additional cloud support for Evolution aSTORM for content management and distribution.

Amsterdam, IBC 2018, Stand 8.B41 – 4th September 2018 – For the first time at a European trade show, Tedial the leading independent MAM technology solutions specialist, is showcasing its cutting-edge live sport solution and a major revolution in sports production, SMARTLIVE. The solution, which marries Artificial Intelligence (AI) to an innovative metadata engine to bring the back office and archives closer to live than ever before, now includes fully integrated Speechmatics, speech-to-text capability and a new auto-logging tool. The company is showing its HYPER IMF solution, which now includes a host of new tools that significantly improve the content delivery and management to non-linear platforms by providing assembly-on-the-fly. Tedial is also demonstrating new cloud storage support capability for its future-proof, hybrid content management solution, Evolution aSTORM.


SMARTLIVE, Tedial’s comprehensive live sports and  event solution for remote logging, PAM support and automated story-telling, now includes an auto-logging tool, which automatically creates all logging information for every event using AI technology. It can analyse commentary tracks and insert the corresponding logs into event logs and it can provide video recognition of action and players. This is particularly relevant for less popular sports where data feeds may not be available and when manually logging events is not cost-effective.

SMARTLIVE is now fully integrated with Speechmatics speech recognition technology, which enables speech-to-text integration by annotating incoming live media. This provides two new workflows, using a live feed, SMARTLIVE can automatically create an event blog, which allows the operator to search for any comments made during the match. This blog is stored in the library with the attached file locators automatically created by Speechmatics. The second workflow allows the operator to import a file or drop it into a watch folder and manually generate the speech to text from the commentary track.

SMARTLIVE leverages AI tools and provides 100 per cent compatibility with existing PAM systems. Using a unique metadata engine, SMARTLIVE automates media logging, clip creation and distribution, including social media pitches.



Tedial’s HYPER IMF, an end-to-end MAM solution that supports IMF formats for ingest, archive and delivery now includes automatic leader insertion, which incorporates all the elements required for each platform (e.g. bars/clock etc.). HYPER IMF also now includes automatic localization based on delivery profile, enabling all credits and text insertions for every language required to be added automatically. Throughout the show Tedial will also demonstrate new features for its IMF Markup Tool, a simple-to-use editor that addresses the versioning requirements typically needed for distribution. Designed for fast validation and repair of IMF packages, this intuitive tool functions independently of expensive third-party systems, making it an extremely cost-effective solution and easy-to operate for users.

Tedial’s award-winning media factory solution, Version Factory, now supports an impressive 60 additional new platforms that minimizes the challenge faced when delivering multiple content to non-linear platforms; each with a different flavor and format. Using Version Factory and HYPER IMF, Tedial can easily support existing and new platforms, delivering content in the correct format with audio tracks and subtitles in the correct language, as well as any additional components required (artwork/trailers etc.).

Tedial Evolution aSTORM

High-resolution media files are increasing all the time, driving the critical need for efficient storage management. At IBC 2018, Tedial will showcase Evolution aSTORM, the company’s future-proof, hybrid content management solution. Evolution  aSTORM, which now supports Google Cloud and AWS Glacier cloud storage, changes the storage paradigm from the traditional HSM approach (multi-tier vertical) to a true object based storage environment (multi-site, horizontal).  aSTORM transparently manages various storage tiers across departments and locations. Highly scalable and reliable, Evolution aSTORM allows broadcasters to adapt and optimize their investments to cope with technology changes  or when storage related costs decrease.


“IBC is really exciting for us as it’s the first time that we’ve demonstrated SMARTLIVE at a European trade show,” says Esther Mesas, CSO/CMO, Tedial. The new features introduced for SMARTLIVE, HYPER IMF and Evolution aSTORM provide broadcasters and content owners with sophisticated, future-proof technology for multi-platform delivery significantly reducing costs, increasing fan engagement and creating new revenue streams.”


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