White Paper: Adopting Future-Proof NoCode iPaaS for Media to Maximize Hybrid Cloud


We have published a new white paper titled: “Adopting Future-Proof NoCode iPaaS for Media to Maximize Hybrid Cloud”. Media companies are discovering that implementing a Hybrid Cloud is an ideal solution to combine cloud services and local operation, but doing this efficiently, cost-effectively and more importantly ensuring the system is future-proof creates several challenges.

A NoCode iPaaS for Media can play a key role as a Hybrid Cloud deployment is one of the applications that comes naturally with this approach.

In this paper, we highlight the challenges that can occur when implementing a real-world Hybrid Cloud, including point-to-point integration, media location and technologies, and multisite workflows. We explain why the solution to implement, and future-proof Hybrid Cloud deployment is a Media Integration, which overcomes these challenges.

We also provide several workflow examples that highlight why having one NoCode iPaaS for Media is absolutely key to leverage the potential of the hybrid cloud, maximise interoperability and enable users to define their processes autonomously and create workflows in a flexible and agile manner.

To read the whitepaper click here.



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