What will MAM Technology Deliver in 2018?
MAM Technology 2018


Welcome to 2018! At Tedial we have a number of road map initiatives that will result in product innovations in the new year. Do you want to know what we are going to add to our MAM technology this 2018? Clearly, constant improvements in our User Interface and ergonomics are important, as well as the introduction of new tools to expand our applications. Our 2018 focus will be on expanding on our powerful workflow orchestration modules, addressing the market need for more and more complex workflows while providing more automated processes that are fundamental to continuous improvement in efficiency and cost reduction.

Our popular end to end IMF solution is being upgraded with more features for archive preservation, and expanded versioning tools to continue our leadership in distribution solutions. To support our core product direction, Tedial will be expanding into deeper ingested media analysis and Speech-to-Text applications, especially when applied to deep archive annotation and monetization. In order to make our systems more useful to our clients, we plan to introduce tools for better “storytelling,” and continue the expansion of our Evolution Version Factory into digital publishing and live streaming.

Our unique approach to HSM innovation, our AST Augmented Storage that applies vertical tiers across horizontal nodes and full SMPTE AXF support, is gaining more traction in the market as prospects and clients understand the real value of multisite production and its applications in archive preservation. We will continue our cloud and hybrid cloud developments and most importantly, Tedial is preparing a continued emphasis on flexible business models: The market is requesting more flexibility in commercial solutions, more OPEX options for cash flow management and pay as you go models. Watch this blog for our new product introductions. We hope to continue being leaders in the world of MAM technology this 2018 again.

Welcome to Tedial in 2018, we hope you enjoy the ride!



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