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Sports Production Solution


Visitors to this year’s NAB showed an unprecedented interest in our sports and live event production innovation, SMARTLIVE—not a surprising result as it is unique in the market, marrying an efficient metadata engine with AI for event logging and an exciting new auto-clipping function for automated story-telling. Tedial showed how easy it is to pitch clips to social media and we highlighted the ease of feeding historical media back into PAM systems with their original metadata intact, ready to enhance a live event in progress. Showcasing our software’s fundamental integration solutions, we were pleased to display our system fully functioning with EVS IPDirector, and Speechmatics in a live display, demonstrating the power of SMARTLIVE, the ultimate Sports Production Solution.

Our 360 VR video support caught the eyes of production leaders as they evaluated our HYPER IMF end-to-end MAM solution. It was no surprise that producers augment storyboard planning with all possible media formats, turning to their MAM platform to store and manage motion capture and 360 camera shots. VR experiences are growing beyond the game space, providing a window on exciting new live event experiences that deliver incredible engagement, awe-inspiring and emotional stories, and live connection to arenas and stadiums, almost as good as being at the venue in person. Having a library management tool that addresses all your needs, including UHD and HDR media, is core to maintaining product excellence in entertainment today.

As the industry’s leading IMF MAM and workflow orchestration solution, Tedial’s HYPER IMF provides real world references and applications, delivering insight into our continuing development of cost-effective solutions that drive greater efficiencies and lower operational costs. The Tedial Evolution Version Factory, still the only single workflow to automate thousands of OTT and VOD package deliveries gained more interest from production and post production companies seeking to gain better control of their ballooning delivery requirements. And the integral IMF Markup Tool provides new effective workflows to address three versioning use cases:

  • The creation of a new IMF package from content in the MAM, either complete or supplemental by adding/removing new audio tracks, subtitles, etc.
  • Content localization: creation of new editorial versions adding leader insertions (bars, counter, etc.) and text insertions (open credits, end credits, localized inserts)
  • The building of predefined “delivery templates” – creation of delivery templates to assemble all required components, such as leader insertions, localization requirements, and post-roll additions “on the fly”.

Did you miss the show and want to learn more about Tedial Evolution products and applications? Just request more information from this screen and we will let you know how Tedial can save your company time and money. 



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