Tedial’s SMARTLIVE Shortlisted for IABM BaM Awards™ 2018 in Produce Category
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2018 marks the 4th consecutive year Tedial has been shortlisted, with wins in 2015, 2016, and 2017

Malaga, Spain –- April 3, 2018Tedial, the leading independent MAM technology solutions specialist, has announced that its SMARTLIVE, a comprehensive  automated live sport event tool being debuted at NAB, has been shortlisted for IABM BaM Awards™ 2018 in the Produce category. Winners will be announced, and awards will be presented at the IABM Awards Reception on Tuesday, the 10th of April at NAB.

“We are very excited to be shortlisted for an IABM BaM Award again this year,” says Jay Batista, Tedial general manager, US operations. “It is such a privilege to be recognized as an innovator by IABM for four consecutive years now, and been a winner in 2015, 2016 and 2017. We are thrilled to bring SMARTLIVE –  a solution with the potential to change the way viewers receive their sports programming – to the industry and we look forward to the ceremony at NAB.”

The IABM BaM Awards™ 2018 considered to be one of the industry’s most desirable achievements, recognize outstanding technological innovations that deliver both business and creative benefits. Once shortlisted, solutions are then judged by an independent panel of experts from every area of broadcast and media. Tedial’s SMARTLIVE is a finalist in the Produce category that covers the production process (real-time/live) and post-production (file-based) to create a finished piece of content.

Tedial’s SMARTLIVE, a cutting-edge live sport solution and major revolution in sports production, marries Artificial Intelligence (AI) to an innovative metadata engine to bring the back office and archives closer to live than ever before. This tight integration supports an increased number of highlights, during or after an event, and allows a specific story to be delivered to a targeted audience via multiple platforms including Social Media, increasing the potential for significant growth in fan engagement.

SMARTLIVE is 100% compatible with PAM providers such as SAM or EVS which makes it the perfect tool to orchestrate all business processes on top of an existing PAM, including the use of historical archives in live production. It can then manage the media life-cycle or media movements between different sites.

Not only does SMARTLIVE bring historical archives into PAM logs live in the format the PAM can immediately use, it also fundamentally reduces production preparation time, and allows Broadcasters, Rights holders, Clubs and Federations to significantly increase the number of highlights created during or after a sport event with less staff thanks to its automatic highlight engine and AI integration.  More content published means more revenues.


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