What to expect in MAM Technology in 2018
MAM Technology 2018


What is new in the world of media asset management?

It’s not long now until we’ll be ringing in the New Year, so what does 2018 hold in the world of media asset management? Let’s discover the MAM  (media asset management) technology innovations expected for 2018.

MAM products will continue to grow more diverse as new vendors find niche applications to add to the crowded asset management marketplace. As a leading software design company, we will maintain our market position through continuing innovation. We’ll have lots to reveal throughout the year with a number of exciting new products.

The buzz word at major industry trade shows will continue to be “AI,” and a few vendors will have well defined, demonstrable solutions ready to display, as opposed to those who are showing integration connections to cloud-based super-computing platforms with no defined applications.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will be leveraged by industry leaders to extend their products. Looking at recent media articles and conference stands, a series of different applications are on track to be introduced. Many of these will be focused on specific applications but most will fall into the categories of increased metadata generation and application, media augmentation and annotation, or machine learning applied to workflow operations to further automation.

The turbulence in our customer’s operations as the industry continues its accelerating pace of IP acceptance and content anywhere trends, will drive MAM vendors to focus on tools, modules and integrations that minimize labour, increase efficiencies and leverage metadata in new and unique ways.

Learning software can be used to manage deep archive annotation solutions for monetisation and insights from social media and ratings measurement companies can be used to support better automated story-telling and more comprehensive, fan focused systems.

Partnerships between vendors and data services will help MAM-workflow orchestrations grow smarter and more efficient, and many MAM developments will be enhanced through third-party innovations that were not necessarily designed for the broadcast supply marketplace. As IP infrastructure becomes more prevalent in network control and operations centres, successful asset management products will become more virtualised, and extendable over public and private clouds, and hybrid on-premises/cloud systems.

Speed of deployment, speed of operations, overarching monitoring and demands for no limits to expansion will continue to drive innovation. It is also becoming apparent that broadcasters and production facilities, faced with rapid changes in the industry, will offer more collaborative opportunities to work with product vendors to bring enhanced products to the market, which serve both their needs and the wider industries, ensuring success for the vendor and the collaborative buyer.

Tedial remains focused on industry standards and innovation in MAM technology, and looks forward to an exciting 2018.

We wish you happy holidays and a peaceful and productive 2018.


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