How do you introduce VR/360-degree video content into your workflow?
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VR content in the MAM (media asset management)? At Tedial, we’re again leading the way in MAM technologies by introducing industry innovation by implementing VR and 360-degree video content management into our MAM and workflows. Our state-of-the-art Tedial Evolution MAM makes it easy to ingest, manage, view and deliver/archive Virtual Reality 360-degree video content.

Why VR/360? New media applications are quickly becoming the standard, only a year ago production companies thought of video games, augmented reality and virtual reality as an afterthought to their linear productions. Today, leading producers start their storyboard planning with all media in mind, setting early plans for motion capture and 360 camera shots to better enable the creation of VR experiences, as well as the programmatic serialized experience in parallel with each other. VR/360 has been embraced by more than just video gamers, it provides new fan experiences in sports and live events and delivers deeper fan engagement, bringing fans viscerally into the arena or stadium, helping them feel like they “are really there!”

By augmenting our camera card and associated metadata capture workflows to ingest VR content into the MAM, Tedial Evolution can now manage it, play it and distribute/archive the content seamlessly. VR/360 media is a unique video format and the pioneering Tedial development team has adapted our multiresolution DASH player to automatically detect media as VR/360 content and provide interactivity to navigate through it. As in popular social media applications, users can drive their media access to this new format in the Tedial 360/DASH player with a mouse to navigate inside the picture, or by employing the 4-arrows keyboard controls.

Tedial is always ahead of the curve in groundbreaking tools and applications and is always proposing up-to-date technology to satisfy customers.

Want to introduce VR/360-degree video content into your workflow? Come and get a demo at NAB 2018 on booth N1420. 


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