How are sports broadcasters creating new opportunities for sports content?


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Why are so many global sports broadcasters looking to a live sports software solution such as Tedial SMARTLIVE to increase their fan engagement and to monetise their opportunities? In today’s multi-platform world, traditional broadcasters need to create more highlights, more replays – more insight in general, to keep viewers interested. This means providing clips and packages tailored for the requirements of other platforms. Simultaneously, the individual user also expects to be able to tailor their content to personal preferences to achieve maximum engagement.

SMARTLIVE automatically prepares the complete production environment, including log sheets and keyword grids.   Tedial adds to this a proven and effective speech-to-text engine. By automatically transcribing the commentary, SMARTLIVE can apply rules to the text and derive further event logging information. This is an extremely effective means of enriching the metadata, providing many more data points. Speech-to-text transcription also retains the timecodes of the comments, helping the editing functionality find smooth cut points.

As artificial intelligence grows in reliability and practicality, so it will spread into other areas including video analysis such as face recognition, sentiment analysis, make the difference between a close-up and a wide angle. 

Producing Automated Highlights

Powered by Tedial’s Evolution MAM platform, SMARTLIVE can perform live archive searches. If, say, a cricketer scores 100, it provides the search capabilities to find related content from the same player to create a historical review. Armed with this very rich metadata log, SMARTLIVE can automate the production of highlights packages. Tedial already includes the ability to create smooth edits internally, as well as interfacing to external editors. This leads to a highly productive means of creating highlights clips and packages.

A producer can instruct the system to create a whole series of clips, according to the requirements of the event. These could also be driven by business rules: goals should be delivered to social media as soon as possible, for instance. SMARTLIVE will then automatically create clips during live events as soon as the specified action occurs, and deliver the package to the required destinations, all automatically.

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