Predictions and plans as sports move past the pandemic
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Covid-19 has influenced nearly every facet of our lives. It literally obliterated sports schedules on a global scale leaving inconsolable fans yearning to cheer on their favourite teams. Now, as the world slowly moves towards re-opening and live events resume, numerous questions arise:

  • How will broadcasters handle the post-pandemic era, one without live audiences?
  • What tools will be available to enhance storytelling?
  • How important is automation in the age of social distancing?
  • Will AI help to win over fans?
  • Where does the cloud fit into all this?

Click here to check out TV Technology’s Guide to Sports TV Production and find out on page 14 what our VP, Products –  Jerome Wauthoz – predicts about the lasting impact that Covid-19 will have on the future state of sports.

Learn from the expert how advancements to our SMARTLIVE sports and live events solution, including dramatically enhanced graphic capabilities; sophisticated transitions between EDL segments; and improved AI Cloud technology; can help broadcasters make a comeback.

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