Tedial SMARTLIVE and Evolution aSTORM Shortlisted to Win CSI Awards
Tedial shorlisted csi awards 2018


The Tedial team is delighted to announce that its cutting-edge, live sport solution and major revolution in sports production, SMARTLIVE and its future-proof, cost-effective content management solution,  Evolution aSTORM have both been shortlisted to win a CSI Award in the Best use of AI or Machine Learning in Video and Best Storage Solution categories.


SMARTLIVE’s unique development marries Artificial Intelligence (AI) to an innovative metadata engine to bring the back office and archives closer to live than ever before. This tight integration supports an increased number of highlights, during or after an event, and allows a specific story to be delivered to a targeted audience via multiple platforms including Social Media, increasing the potential for significant growth in fan engagement.

Evolution aSTORM:

High-resolution media files are increasing all the time and efficient management of storage space is critical. Tedial’s Evolution aSTORM transparently manages various storage tiers across departments and locations. Highly scalable and reliable it allows users to quickly adapt their investments when technology changes or when related storage costs decrease. A multi-tier agnostic solution, it transparently and seamlessly manages online storage, cloud, and deep archive with complex algorithms based on customer-tailored business rules. It can virtualize file locations to enable multi-site operation, cloud workflows and hybrid scenarios offering an “augmented perception” of their physical location.

The winners will be revealed at IBC 2018 4pm (UK time) on the 14th September 2018.

The CSI Awards 2018 shortlist can be checked here

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