SVG Summit. Meet the Tedial Team at the SVG Summit December 16-17, 2019 NY Hilton Midtown
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The Tedial team will be at the 14th annual SVG Summit on December 16 & 17th to be held at the NY Hilton in Midtown Manhattan. The event attracts over 1400 attendees ranging from broadcasters to team employees seeking information about the latest industry trends and searching for the most recently released technical solutions.

Tedial’s Jay Russell, Sales and Support Operations, and Jerome Wauthoz, VP Products will be demonstrating SMARTLIVE – Tedial’s award-winning AI-powered live sports solution that helps to automatically deliver the ultimate storytelling experience to a growing fan-base, improving efficiency and increasing creativity.  SMARTLIVE automatically manages, catalogs, produces and delivers live event content while it’s happening, generating personalized, game, and season highlights, and then feeds campaigns to social media platforms for better fan engagement.

At the SVG Summit, SMARTLIVE’s latest features will be showcased, including:

  • MULTI SPORT configurations that generate automatic highlights or auto-clipping for any genre of sport quickly and easily
  • A new module that allows all types of content to be published to any social network in just one click
  • A highly efficient new SMARTLIVE bundled solution that can be easily deployed on top of the customer’s existing production environment

SMARTLIVE’s sophisticated technology supports new business opportunities by enabling the creation and distribution of more content across multiple platforms in multiple territories. New viewers are attracted and engaged, and content can be monetized effectively with SMARTLIVE’s smart, efficient and cost-saving solutions.

Stop by and see how SMARTLIVE operates either on your premises or in the cloud.

If you or your company are involved in sports production, you’ll definitely want to see SMARTLIVE in action. Schedule a meeting or a demo now.

The Tedial team can also discuss our core Tedial Evolution MAM which is well suited to sports archiving and production at BT Sport and iTV Sport amongst others.”

We look forward to seeing you at SVG.  

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