Why do sports broadcasters need an enterprise MAM? By Jay Batista, Tedial’s General Manager, US Operations
Sports MAM


Why a Sports MAM? Sports broadcasting is a fast-paced market where competitive advantage takes place in front of the camera and behind-the-scenes. The production chain includes multi-task processes that scale for different venues and often involve specialized, ad-hoc crews with real-time demands. Not only must sports support systems be quick to train upon, easy-to-use and fast to deploy, effective systems must be efficient, flexible to morph for every new site or venue, and must be designed for fast expansion to scale ever-changing requirements.

Sports and live event producers are deeply competitive with each other, with every new tool exploited to its maximum effect. To support these fast-paced extravaganzas, Media Asset Management systems need full integration to their associated broadcast vehicle and venue production tools to provide enhanced back-office capture capabilities, fast archive search and historical media return and cueing services for the remote production sites, and expanded live media annotation services for cost-effective event logging in back office locations.

Tedial has answered the media workflow needs of sports broadcasters worldwide by developing 100 per cent compatibility with EVS and AVID sports production tools including capture of all pre-broadcast metadata by clip and bi-directional media exchange for fast search of historical archives. Additionally, Tedial has implemented multi-camera support and enabled timeline searches across different linked camera feeds. Tedial’s Evolution next-generation enterprise MAM system has complete and easy to deploy back-office live event logging expansion capabilities to enhance field production. Built on the company’s award-winning Evolution BPM MAM engine, there’s no barriers or bottlenecks to expansion and scalability in operations and media distribution.

By design, enterprise Sports MAM is architected for multi-site operations, with customizable tools ready to support unique, rapidly configured functions. Tedial Evolution is already deployed in hybrid on-premises and cloud systems, leveraging the power of cloud infrastructure to enable flexibility and scalability. The unique distribution capabilities of Tedial’s media factory workflow, Tedial Version Factory, can automate media distribution tasks and services to thousands of locations. The Tedial Evolution Sports MAM can be fully integrated into existing sports production workflows to enhance live event tasks and to build an archive with more long-term value, ready for strategic re-use and monetization.

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