How Does Tedial Execute Appropriate Business Continuity Measures with Minimum Risk?
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As the world faces dramatic predicaments brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, we at Tedial have been actively working to mitigate the impact for our colleagues and customers. We’re continuing our levels of internal and external support and services while measuring the global challenges and adapting our products and services for potentially never-to-be-the-same world circumstances.

The health and safety of our colleagues, their families, our customers and our partners are our first priority during these unprecedented times. While thankfully, none of our colleagues or collaborators have been infected or affected, to ensure their continued safety, our staff are tele-working until further notice. As challenging as everyone’s circumstances are, we remain an active participant in the global media industry as today the world depends on the media for up-to-the-minute accurate information like no other time in history.

For Tedial as a software company, our transition to a work-from-home environment was easily achieved— In 2019 we had completed the planned adoption of cloud-based productivity tools and migrated all our development resources in our internal software tools to a cloud instance. This means our team doesn’t require a virtual private network connection to continue active contributions to our projects. In fact, since the beginning of the year, all communications with customers associated with support or demos have been done through cloud native applications.

Having our core infrastructure cloud-based means we were able to quickly execute the appropriate Business Continuity measures with minimum risk to all parties. These allow us to maintain the same level of service and attention our customers are accustomed to and guarantee we can be reached as usual via telephone, email, videoconference or our support portal. 

Our development team connects from home to work as if they were still at the office and in fact this is the same for all our teams, from support and project implementation, to administration, sales, and marketing.

Today, all Tedial solutions, including EVOLUTION MAM, HYPER IMF for enhanced content delivery as well as SMARTLIVE are fully cloud compliant for remote operations. User interfaces are web-based with HTML5 technologies, which can be used anywhere, anytime.  Our customers staff can access their Tedial solution from home irrespective of whether it is an on-premises, hybrid or full cloud solution and continue working in a ‘business as usual’ scenario.  We are seeing a greater need by our customers for accessibility to their archive content through our solutions. Our integration of multiple storage tiers and far-flung locations through our aSTORM storage content management solution allows customers to effectively access and utilize their content to maintain a continuity of channel output.

There has also been an impact of this global tragedy on our design philosophy and future product plans. Remote operations and the idea of a remote workforce will no longer be a “nice to have” feature. The extension of remote access, especially via customizable and permissions-controlled portals will become a fundamental requirement for most of our media customers.  Elegant and simple workflows that support remote operations and are easy to deploy, maintain and update or modify will be a fundamental system parameter.

At Tedial, where innovation and product leadership have built our reputation, we have begun planning for five years in the future. We aim to maintain this philosophy and serve this new global business paradigm we all face together.

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